Who Am I?

About Me

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page! My name is Joshua O'Callaghan. In 2020 I graduated from Arizona State University completing a Master's Degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Data Science. I have a passion for Data Analysis and Software Engineering both in and out of the workplace.

Since 2019 I have been working for Intel primarily as a Software Engineer and occasionally doing Data Analysis. My current role has me working with FFmpeg and performance data collection around it. I work with many outside customers to analyze their workload and help improve and optimize their code. The role I have requires me to be well versed in the FFmpeg domain including being familiar with different codecs and transcoding techniques. One of the responsibilities in the team I am on requires me to own our benchmarking software and drive changes and maintenance through a Change Control Board Meeting. Working for this wonderful corporation the past years has gifted me with plenty of technical and management skills that I look forward to using throughout the rest of my career.

Through completing my degrees at ASU, I have acquired many useful skills that allow me to be a competitive and invaluable engineer for any full-time role. Among these skills, learned both in and outside of the classroom, I have experience in the following languages: Python, Java, C++, C, HTML, Javascript, SQL, R, Scheme, Prolog. One of the best skills I have acquired from my collegiate experience is the ability to adapt and learn new things quickly. Combined with my love of learning new things I am ready to succeed no matter the situation!

Outside of my degree, I am a hobbyist and nature lover. Although I suffered a spinal cord injury back in 2020 in a tragic motorcycle accident, I never let that hold me back. A few of the many hobbies I enjoy are woodworking, jewelry making, and building computers. I love being outside and going to the gym, and I will never give up on my dream to be walking again!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me, before you leave please scroll down to look at some of the projects I've done and take a look at my resume!